We coat all our products in an Organic Belgian styled coverture chocolate. This differs tremendously from compound chocolate typically found in supermarkets. Coverture chocolate uses the whole of the cacao bean rather than substituting ingredients. This results in a luxuriously smooth and full flavoured chocolate that is extremely beneficial to your health.

For many people chocolate is a naughty indulgence, but did you know that chocolate was an ancient health tonic, once described as the “food of the god’s” and to this day doctor’s prescription chocolate to their heart patients.

Aztec warriors were given chocolate as an energy booster prior to battle. Kings, noblemen and priests were given chocolate to promote concentration and wisdom.
Montezuma used chocolate as a sexual stimulant and Casanova described chocolate as the “elixir of love”. So what is the truth behind chocolate?

Chocolate contains theobromine. The word literally means “god’s drink”, but more importantly theobromine stimulates the kidneys and the central nervous system and also boosts the immune system. Theobromine has been shown to be more effective than codeine at treating coughs and colds.
Chocolate is also a high source of magnesium which is essential for maintaining brain function and releasing energy.
Chocolate has significant scientific backing proving it lowers blood pressure, increases energy, alertness, creativity and mood, is rich in flavonoids, helps control appetite whilst supporting weight loss and is a higher source of antioxidants than red wine, green tea or blueberries. Chocolate also contains serotonin an endorphin type substance that lifts the mood and creates a sense of well-being, diffusing stress more effectively than other means.

Besides the overwhelming health benefits of chocolate the euphoria it brings is unmatched. The smooth texture, the rich smell, the velvet shine and silky taste. With more than 500 flavours to stimulate your taste buds, 250 more than any other food it’s no wonder we love chocolate!

With over 300 minerals in organic chocolate this “liquid gold” is a healthy indulgence. The secret is to eat better chocolate, not more chocolate.

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